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Carb Sync Trouble

This is a discussion on Carb Sync Trouble within the ZX-9R forums, part of the Kawasaki Motorcycles category; 2003 ZX-9R California F2. Ok, so this rookie did his first valve adjust & carb sync. I bought Ivan's jet kit, Yoshi exhaust, and +4 ...

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Carb Sync Trouble

2003 ZX-9R California F2. Ok, so this rookie did his first valve adjust & carb sync. I bought Ivan's jet kit, Yoshi exhaust, and +4 advancer. The install went fine and I ripped out all the smog valves and charcoal canister. Before I put on the mercury gauge I just wanted to start the bike and see how it would run and if it would run. The bike started right up and sounded great! It idled perfectly and sounded great with the new Yoshi pipe. So, I shut it down and then connected the mercury gauge to the carbs. When I started the bike it ran like crap. Very rough idle and I couldn't get any of the carbs to sync up. The mercury was all over the place. If I tried to adjust carbs 1&2 then cylinder 4 would sound like it was going to die and the revs would go way up. What did I miss?

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The only insight the shop manual offers is: "If carburetor synchronization cannot be obtained by using the adjusting screws, check for dirt or blockage, and then check the pilot screw settings."

I didn't have any trouble synchronizing my 2002, but, on other bikes, I have had the problem you described by having the idle set too low (but standard idle setting is advised for the '02-'03.) I have also had that problem with a CV carb that had a vacuum leak.
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Since, I can't find any info about this I just put everything back on and called it quits. The bike runs good but there is some low end hesitation. So, I took the bike to a mechanic and he said that the newer emissions equipment has very little affect on performance. He's going to put the bike on the dyno and dial in the jetting which he said was running lean. He also said if I had paid him to install a jet kit he would have charged me $350. Since, I didn't he's going to charge $600 to tweak the one I installed. Live & learn.
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Hopefully he won't have to take all of that $600. Any experienced dyno tech that knows Kawis should be able to bring in in for less than $600.
I did my own install, and the jetting was off a bit. The owner @ EDR ( our local speed shop) charged me $200. 'Course it still isn't perfect, but much closer than I could have done by "seat of the pants" dyno.
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You're likely running lean fatten up your two inner pilot jets and take your bike for a spin and see if your flat spot is better.

Does dyno guy have a four-gas along with his dyno? You can tune an engine better by looking at the exhaust gas under a loaded engine rather than a dyno graph but most dyno guys don't know about this nor have they been trained to know about this.
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Throw more fuel at it, that'll fix 'er...

I ran into this problem with my ex-wife's ZX6R. If you want a smooth-running engine, it's not enough to simply get all of the valves within spec, you need to have them balanced.
If you have some of the valves on the tight end of the spectrum, but some on the loose side, you will experience this imbalanced running. Kawasaki recommends setting the valves on the loose side where possible. If you adjust all your clearances uniformly loose, the carbs practically fall into synchronization.
If you really want a smooth-running engine, you can get half-sizes of the shims. Just be ready to shop around and perhaps grease some palms.
Good luck.

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