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Raggedge [Instinct] Riding Styles. WOT is Yours

WOT is UP?

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Nice bike, oh and the accessory isn't bad either.
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Tea Tear ING on the "Raggedge of the law!"

New California Law Makes It Illegal To Possess Motorcycle Theft Tools News Article // RoadracingWorld.com

Enlarged Photo // RoadracingWorld.com

I am going to stick it to that law. I am going to waste their minutes like I waste yours watching my video.

That cop is going to be color coordinated stopping my azz. S/he is going to pay I play dumb << Normal to you.

I want camera rolling and see their faces they let me go WATT did you try to prove, Off IS Sir? Use is looking STU-PIT you enter my world, Charlie Chip.

NOshit! In a few hours, I'm going fishing for, BLUES!

OK, you think I have website trophies... Just wait!

Smoke'D Pole Lease TripleA'D!

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Here you go, guys. Back in the day. Someone grease the track... Dis one is for Pops!

This guy starts bad mouthing the IOM and he's wearing the 3-legs like TT wipe this boy up he mouths off. Send the word.
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So, as I was saying, 12r, this racing game. Some have the game for it, others try to pin some sort of, 'troll' go away. And here I am here to play for keeps. I keep these secrets of water drops the horse does not want to swallow.

It's cool to live in a world of racing. I'm asking you what are you doing with your time? My crime is seeing all these stalls or pits on the net. YOur engine is your mouth. All I'm doing in my pit is talking about pit.

There is this big ocean of the purest water you could ever drink is racing. No mistakes. Every step is a raggedge a millisecond, do not mess up. It's more the focus and you weed out the filter.

I keep falling into the joe-A, everyman. Everyone wants to rule the world, but no on stays in their world. There are a lot of wolf packs and they follow each other. No one is like hello/goodbye.

So, I'm looking for a band of 12r's that can feed a flock of water. So, on the net, these guys are thirsty for knowledge or they talk about oils for 500 pages and here I come along and laugh at it.

500 heads turn around thinking they just stood on the laugh meter. I didn't, nor couldn't, STAND in that pile of humanity and talk about something else, other than bikes. I came to a bike site, hello?

I am here as cold as a bike in the morning... COLD... No personality... Your ability vs. that turnaround and now, how is it that 500 heads now have an opinion of a zero tech question that is about to turn a page.

That was like, 500 water fed faces were looking the other way for the OP is there sinking in that water. I'm just taking a drink like Clint Eastwood, minds his own business at the well.

Well, there is a large guy discussing fork drop. I don't know it all? I try a stab at it. He pulls the guys finger, says pull this. All of a sudden, 500 heads turn around, decide they want to hear the farting contest.

I like your insight, 12r, do you a take on that incident, the drive to discuss tech, then a, 'know it all' has the gall to enter my pit. I stay glued to my pit... Cold to the touch... Hot under the collar... Time is money... Time is money...

So, one treats this web as, one on one, you abandoned this thread. You had a change everyone read. YOU all fled. But I read. I answered out of a page the answer. After that answer, now come 500 other answers, the book is no where to be seen.

The scenario is a constant:

1. Ignore the OP's question = YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE.
2. I join a site, say, I know that answer in the absolute.
3. Where is the shop manual if it is out on the net, I turned to the page, gave a generic answer to any bike. Follow procedure.
4. Now, there are 500 opinions to the correct answer, but the truth is now like...
5. ... Gone is the book, gone is the tech, gone is gone for good.

Was that enough water to the troth kind of reversengineering the mirror?

I mean, was that like out of the park funny! Was that not a study about a book vs. book vs. thrown the book at?

Just US is Served. No one wins... I tried to tell them. No WON listens to turtle, but I walk away with the prize every time I roll down the toungue into that deep rich tech sass waiter!

Oh waiter! Is there water on the menu? Men YOU, why one hates men [is me]; you wish there was just women in your world. Wad day bunch of poo seas! Can't read a book, can't mind their own business, cry about something, anything but discuss a bike.

And if there is just one thing is for someone to throw his closet at you. I want to throw theory at you but I reflect a mirror of a closet is look at that mess. I tried so hard to just discuss bike. But no... 500 people had it their way. The OP and I were having a discussion 500 did not want anything to do with.

Best part about all DIS... I continue to keep all those racing secrets that are so simple in concept, we first have to have some social reinforcing pow wow? How did we get involved with a pit bike that does not run?

Wear out do these people think would happen they steer clear of the water? It's not about them, not about their, their, me, me... YOU can go change your oils all day long... Can we get the pit bike started or not?

CheezIS ain't gonna start your bike you start in witdatasheet. If I wanted a church key, we'd discuss those concepts. Cheeze IS H. for H2 hole we shit! Was that like book vs. book or what?

Absolute vs. Myth LOL

How can we sea par rate day 2... Well, 2BAD, you signed up for a wing and a prayer.

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So really, I have no clue what the front office and the backer think they can control me? Mirror says you control is how is it you cry for freedom and it gets taken away from you? I am a blank sheet. I open my page, I speak tech my way.

YOu pay when I say 49 websites. I am now 49 JOE-A-Joe Average websites. That aprilia has 02 data going to the traction control. It is in the absolute. I asked the guy who owns an aprilia dealership, a technical question.

YOu complain about the back, the horror stories of no top crown being properly torqued. That kind of horror story is from the [peter] principal on down. That horror story should of never happened.

And I should jump on that bike and risk my life on it; says you cleared it for takeoff. We do not race or prep that kind of race face attitude. That is 49 dealerships I enter. Think about it.
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My current racing story. Bored? So was I. Grab the old lady, head out to watch a few hours of racing. Someone called me from the past. Says he's got a racer that needs some help in the pits.

The 4 of us walk over to where the dad and his just turned 15 racer son IS [hot]. Everyone is introduced. The story in the pit unfolds into a typical nightmare scenario. In the pits, I almost trip over the now blown engine used as a 10x10, keep the corner down, or there goes the tarp in the wind.

On Sat, the bike blows? The tuner/dad pit, work all night; waiting for a borrowed street engine to be plugged in before morning practice on Sunday. Dad is a non-stop electric motor in that pit. He's gotta collect all that data, give the kid pointers, I mean, a lot of work in that pit.

There is tire swapping around, because they are struggling [as they should] for money. Just like we used to do with the dependable K81's; for those gray beards that know them in Dunlop terminology. Anyway, the tuner is nowhere to be seen, but my buddy wants me to talk to the dad, see if I can help?

As dad and I are standing in the bleachers, he with stopwatch, me with camera, the announcer calls out the kid's name. He is an excited guy in that booth when this rider shows up. So much so, I have him again in a second video, screaming [he loves the kid], 'what did I tell you,' and 'did I call it?"

You know, I don't think the announcer knew about the stock engine replacement. I'm here to see the kid do his thing. There is so much raw talent and in need of a pro, the kid IMO has potential. Broke the track record for that class. The announcer did not mention this.

We walk back to the pits. We are familiar with each other. The dad is a great guy. The kid is something else. I mean, my scout keeps looking and I found one for him a long time ago. Back then, they were not as young as today. Dad didn't need to run so many settings on the shocks, preserving tire.

As the day wore on, I 'walked the 360' as it were. This is to find what is street vs. race setup. Knowing I can't communicate and not insult the guy, [once I see a weak advantage], meaning, it was too first thing out of the box. Without saying anything I let my buddy inform him. Later, my buddy told me the guy was somewhat upset? All this time the kid busting out those lines. Would you be upset the kid can ride any setting? That is a racer! As setup is setup, she is not in the big pit kind of novice settings.

I then walk back with dad, tell him, 'I have a friend of a friend and that is all I can do for the kid.' So as the weeks roll on, I go over to my current sponsor (any dyno time I want and more) kind of racing guy you want to know. We just happen to have that pit work/enduro/racing working together "IF ONLY."

If only I could get some help for this talented kid. I said, you're the tuner, I'm just a get it back up running tuneup guy. You do this race stuff for a living, groom the kid with the walk 360. Give dad that black magic to the shock setting. You have any parts for this bike? A a spare head? Okay, I'll let dad know he's got a spare head.

Say what? Go get your truck, he can ride this. This was after lunch; we go back to the shop. He begins to roll out his personal bike. Grabs the bars of a beauty of a front row runner, almost starts to prep it. Now, I stop him. Wait, wait, I said. He's got a ride and I have no clue of contracts or what have you, lets go out, look at the kid, do your thing.

Next race, who cares what is under that kid's rear end, he did well again on that 3 year old pile. The announcer calls his favorite kid out and does not disappoint.

To see 4-time in the pits working on that bike, grooming that kid, I learned so much that day about suspension settings and tire push. Racing today is a hard game. Looks like a lot of fun.

Thank, 4-Time! Just like the oldays.

Kick'INN buTT!
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Hey, Bruddah...

This is modern race-ing. Too many suspension variables...but hard to get it too messed up for a good rider to deal with.

Too many that have some knowledge, but barely a dangerous amount.

Too many that get butt-hert from well intended advice, whether good or bad advice. They don't get to the advice part before their minds are swollen...haemorrhaging the stuff already full inside, ONE WAY NO ENTRY. and maybe there is a lot of good advice just littering the paddock, never past its buyitbuyitbuyitbuyit date. But on the ground all day just the same.

Too many high dollars only tasks...

Too many roooolz, and enuff roooolerz to go around and around.

Fite the good fite anyway...and leave those funny tools at home.

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Like a phoenix, this thread has risen from the ashes.

Bear witness and set every tongue a-waggin'.
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Originally Posted by hagrid View Post
Like a phoenix, this thread has risen from the ashes.
I want my 30 seconds of time back that i wasted on this thread ""risen from the ashes"" now it needs to be buried back where it was... time to get the shovel and dig deep this time


i refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person
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Originally Posted by slykittycat View Post
I want my 30 seconds of time back that i wasted on this thread ""risen from the ashes"" now it needs to be buried back where it was... time to get the shovel and dig deep this time

I'll waste your minutes is here comes the Time-Thief. Focus only on the steering nut. Use the smaller screens, the larger screen you view it from over the dash.

sly, take a hike in some kitty litter box. I'm giving you a heads up saving you your minutes so don't bother watching.

Known to be at tech thread abuser. I like lying to animals too.
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